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Little mermaid shaker cake topper

Little mermaid shaker cake topper

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Introducing our personalized Mermaid Shaker Cake Topper, a delightful addition to your celebration! This enchanting topper not only features a mesmerizing shaker design with iridescent sequins but can also be customized with the name and number of your choice, adding a personal touch to your special occasion.

Crafted with care, this topper stands at 7 inches in height and spans 8 inches in width, making it the perfect statement piece for your cake. The magical shimmer of the iridescent sequins creates an ethereal effect that captivates and delights.

Made from high-quality paper and foil, this Mermaid Shaker Cake Topper combines elegance with a touch of whimsy, ensuring it becomes the centerpiece of your celebration. Elevate your cake to a new level of enchantment with our personalized Mermaid Shaker Cake Topper – because every moment is worth celebrating uniquely!

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